December 2011 IT Business Consulting Newsletter

2011 End of Year Security Summary

By Tom K

While we all prepare for the holiday season thinking “peace, brotherhood, and good will”, the bad guys are still out there, and are hunting for easy targets. Maintaining basic security measures will help keep you out of their sights.

So please, as you prepare for the New Year, ensure your business is protected with (at least) these

Seven Security Basics:

• Centrally managed Corporate Anti Virus Protection
See Protect Your Company from Viruses and Malware with Enterprise Anti Virus Systems

• Centrally managed Windows Updates
See Centrally Manage Microsoft Updates Across Your Enterprise For Free!

• Centrally managed Corporate Spam Protection
See Got Spam? Eradicate Spam and Email Viruses BEFORE they get to Your Environment!

• Use Secure Passwords
See Secure Passwords - You need to get this right!

• Have staff lock their PCs when they leave their desks
See Protect your Company’s Data and Reputation... Lock Your PC!

• If you provide public WiFi, isolate it from your business network
See Securely Implement a Public Wireless Hot Spot

• Deploy a Firewall at every point where your networks connect to the Internet

If you’d like help ensuring your network security is up to snuff, or you have any questions concerning any aspect of Corporate Security, I’d be happy to discuss this with you at your convenience. Feel free to contact me at, or via my cell 443.310.5110.

Next month I’ll get back to discussing the concerns IT should have relating to departing employees, the steps we recommend to properly deal with security and auditing, and different processes used when the departing employee is leaving with blessings or in handcuffs. See "Departing Employee? How to Process them Gracefully and Securely".