Systems Documentation

Your business is very dependent on your computer systems, phone systems, and communications circuits. If something goes awry, needs to be upgraded, or requires attention, do you have the information readily available to jump in and do whatever is necessary? If you have a systems meltdown, can the engineers immediately address the issue without having to waste precious time figuring out “what’s what”?

Through our Systems Documentation offering, we discover and document all aspects of your computing and communications infrastructure. We have developed a complete, concise documentation package over the years that is invaluable when troubleshooting issues in your systems, assessing upgrade requirements, or working with outside vendors.

This highly regarded documentation package includes:

  • A graphic representation of your infrastructure
  • Server room layout diagram
  • Communications circuit IDs & capacity
  • Internal and external IP addressing information
  • Firewall Rules
  • Server Functionality
  • Server Configs
  • Domain info
  • DNS Records
  • Switch Configs
  • Router Configs
  • Wireless Access Point Configs
  • Event Schedules
  • Support contact info
  • Support account info for all systems
  • Special Notes

Essentially, the Systems Documentation package provides everything a reasonably competent Systems Engineer would need to come in cold & intelligently work on your systems.

Many clients couple our Systems Audit service to our Systems Documentation service, as these two services have similar discovery requirements. Performing the two services concurrently reduces the time (and the cost) required to perform each service individually by about a third.