Proactive Systems Management Service

Imagine losing a critical computer/system resource at the most inopportune time; the beginning of a huge turnover weekend, the middle of tax week, 3 days before the Brochure deadline... Now, imagine you could have prevented this very disruptive and expensive down-time…

This service was specifically designed to greatly reduce the occurrence of unexpected systems failures (that always seem to happen at the worst possible time!) Our highly skilled Network Professionals will perform and log detailed weekly health evaluations on your systems, review daily systems status reports, and receive immediate alerts emailed directly from your systems when problems do arise – allowing us to resolve the problems before they can impact your business, your operations, and your revenue.


  • Your business relies heavily on your computer systems (servers, data base management systems, email, and Internet access) for Operations and revenue generation
  • You would consider it important to know of existing (and correctable) issues that are putting your computer systems at risk
  • It would be operationally and financially advantageous to prevent an outage that could take down your business computer systems for an extended period, or on your busiest days of the week

Then The TomK Consulting Group’s Proactive Systems Management Service is a solution that you need to investigate.

How Does It All Work?

  • Weekly: Our Network Professionals remotely access your servers every week and perform detailed analysis and review of all key systems, including:
    • Full Hardware Health Evaluation
    • Available Disk Space
    • Special Software Backups
    • Tape Backup Logs
    • iBackups
    • Anti-Virus System Status (Servers & PCs)
    • Windows Updates Status (Servers & PCs)
    • Full review and evaluation of all System/Application/Security/Service Logs

All results are logged for long term tracking and trends analysis.

Additionally, we perform weekly maintenance tasks, such as:

  • Manage Windows Updates for your enterprise
  • Sync iBackup stores
  • Defrag all Server drives


  • Daily: We configure your servers and systems to send us morning status reports, and each morning (7 days a week) we review and analyze the reports. If an issue arises that needs attention, we immediately remotely access the affected server/system. The daily status reports include:
    • Server up time
    • Auto-Started Services not running
    • Microsoft Update Services status
    • Processor/Memory/Disk Performance Summary
    • Processor/Memory usage by Process
    • List of all Critical Errors and Alerts generated in every log during last 24 hrs
    • Tape Backup Status
    • iBackup Status


  • On Demand: We configure data thresholds and failure triggers on your servers for a multitude of critical internal systems, services, processes, and performance counters. If any tracked system fails, or threshold is exceeded, an email is immediately sent to your primary Network Professional, who will then take the appropriate action.  We also monitor all your Internet circuits AND all your web sites 24x7, and we receive immediate email alerts from our servers should any of them go down.


If an issue arises that can be easily corrected, we do so immediately, included as part of the service. If it is a hardware issue for equipment under warrantee, we contact the manufacturer directly to arrange for an on-site repair, and we manage the ticket through completion. If an issue requires more extensive attention, we call you with an appraisal of the issue and recommended solutions.

A further benefit is the extended experiences of our Network Professionals… We work with a multitude of companies having similar systems and infrastructures, so an issue discovered at one company can be researched and then resolved for multiple companies before the issue becomes critical to them.


Claire Reiswerg

“Sand ‘N Sea has subscribed to the Proactive Systems Management service for four years and during that time, we’ve had no down time, none at all! All potential problems were foreseen and averted.”

Claire Reiswerg
Marketing and Special Projects Manager
Sand ‘N Sea Properties


“The peace of mind that comes with the Proactive Systems Management service is priceless. (Don’t get greedy!). I find out about my IT problems after they’ve been prevented or resolved. I sleep better knowing Tom K is watching my back. (and I don’t drink as much!)”

Randall K. Leeseberg
Topsail Realty, Inc.

What Does It Cost?

The in-depth weekly analysis of your primary server typically requires 30 minutes. Weekly analysis of additional servers, like Terminal Servers, dedicated Mail servers, or dedicated SQL servers typically take an additional 15 minutes each. The daily report review and analysis typically takes 15 minutes per week.

So, if you are a typical mid-sized company with one Small Business Server, full subscription to our Proactive Systems Management Service including all the benefits provided by our Network Professionals entails less than one billable hour per week!

There is a one-time setup fee to cover the cost of configuring access to your systems and configuring your systems to generate the daily status reports and setting up the alert thresholds. This typically takes about an hour, but is dependent on the complexity of your environment and the number of servers.


  • If you’d like to take proactive control of the health of your critical business resources
  • If you’d like the benefit of highly skilled Network Professionals monitoring your systems
  • If you’d sleep better knowing that a dedicated Systems Professional will be alerted immediately if one of your core systems approaches a fault condition

The TomK Consulting Group’s Proactive Systems Management Service Is The Service You Need!