Consulting Services

Computer technology has become totally ingrained with your business, but are you using it to its best advantage? Are your IT systems a coherent, unified tool that supports your business plan, or are they a burden? We will partner with you to make IT work FOR your company as a key resource that will optimize your business and help you provide exceptional service to your customers. We will help you tie your IT systems to your business plan, improving your efficiency, your productivity, and your bottom line.

Speaking of your Business Plan, do you have a structured Business Strategy to support your Business Plan? Have you evolved your Business Strategy into a working Strategy Plan that you use to manage and guide the growth and profitability of your Company?

We can help you ensure your Strategy Plan is current and focused in supporting your Business Plan. We can then work with you to develop a Management Performance Program using best practices such as the Balanced Scorecard so you can monitor and manipulate the factors determined most important to skyrocket your company’s success.

Strategic Services

Business Consulting Services

  • Refine Business Strategies to support Business Plans
  • Create Strategy Plans
  • Develop Management Performance Programs
  • Balanced Scorecard Design and Development
  • Project Management

IT Consulting Services

  • Infrastructure Analysis relative to current and future Business Goals
  • Infrastructure Audit and Assessment
  • Requirements Analysis
  • RFP/RFQ Development & Purchasing Assistance
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning and Deployment
  • Corporate Systems & Internet Access and Usage Policy Development
  • Project Management

Software Selection Consulting Services

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Property Mgmt & General Software Needs Analysis
  • Property Mgmt & General Software Selection Analysis
  • Systems Integration Assistance

Financial Systems Consulting Services

  • QuickBooks Set-up and Tuning

Tactical Services

Server Services

  • Hardware and Systems Deployment, Migrations, & Upgrades
  • Backup Systems Design and Implementation
  • Terminal Servers
  • Systems Integration

Telecomm Services

  • VoIP Phone System Design and Deployment
  • Multi Office Unification
  • Call Center Design
  • Remote Worker Integration
  • Telecomm Circuit Analysis & Cost Reduction

Network & Server Services

  • Performance Analysis, Base-lining, & Optimization
  • Design & Implementation
  • Proactive Remote Monitoring & Systems Troubleshooting
  • Documentation Development
  • Problem Resolution

Network Services

  • Network (LAN, WAN & Wireless) Systems Implementation
  • Remote Access Solutions (Site-to-Site & Remote User VPNs)
  • Redundant Internet Access – Load Balancing (multi-circuit) options
  • Internet Circuit Reliability and Web Site Availability Monitoring

Security Services

  • Firewalls & Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Virus Protection Systems & Spam Eradication Systems
  • Internet Access Screening & Filtering Systems
  • Security Audit & Design
  • Security Policy Development